Make Her Really Feel Special with Special Engagement Rings


If you are looking for special engagement solitaire rings for your beloved, then all you have to do is go online and you would see all the choices that you can have, when it comes. Being engaged is something very special. That is why you have to really prepare yourself financially and emotionally for the time when you would be ready to propose to your future bride.

In choosing your diamond band, you have to consider the following. First, is the diamond itself. You have to consider the four C's when it comes to diamonds; cut, color, clarity and carat.

The cut of a diamond refers to the craftsmanship of the jeweler. He is the one that brings out the beauty of the exquisite rock. A diamond band in itself is already beautiful but if it goes through the hands of an expert, it will surely be even more beautiful.

The color of diamond engagement rings is rarely seen by the naked eye. It can only be seen when compared side by side with another diamond. Usually the perfect diamond is pure white and it is graded based on collection color from D to SZ. D being the whitest and SZ being the most tainted with other colors

The less color it has, the more value it gains. However, there are some diamonds that come out of the ground with natural colors. Thus they are called by their colors i.e. Blue diamond, red diamond, etc. The next C is clarity. This refers to the size and number of traces in a diamond.

The last one is carat. This is considered to be the weight of the diamond. If the diamond you are considering fairs positively with the four C's, then it can be considered as the best choice for your diamond band.

The next thing you have to consider when choosing an engagement ring is the metal. There are different kinds of metals that can be used to make an engagement ring, but the most popular metals are gold and platinum. There also significant differences that you have to know when choosing a metal for your engagement rings and diamond bands.

The last thing you have to consider is the design. There are certain things that you have to bear in mind when considering the perfect design for your engagement rings and diamond band. These are as follows.

First, the diamond wedding bands as well as the solitaire rings should be easy and practical when being worn. This is why you have to get the exact measurement of your fiance fingers you for having the rings made so that it would fit her perfectly.

This would lessen the chances of it falling off at any moment.

Secondly, it should be durable enough against the wear and tear of everyday activities. Your ring should not be easily scratched or chipped off by simple movements. This is why most of those people who would want to have engagement rings use platinum because it is more durable and long lasting than gold.

Also, your engagement rings and diamond band should be able to hold your gemstones securely. There are certain guidelines that your jeweler needs to follow when placing a gemstone together with a solitaire ring.

The diamond ring should have 4 to 6 prongs to be able to hold the gemstones together. Remember that a bezel setting is better than a prong setting because it is a more secure and is less likely to be damaged. Also, a heavier setting is much safer than a lower and lighter setting in jewelry, because heavier  engagement rings and diamond bands them to being more durable than lighter ones.

The last thing to consider when buying solitaire rings is making sure the ring looks good on you. You can do this by choosing the design of your engagement ring yourself and putting everything into consideration, before buying the perfect set of rings and a diamond band for your wedding.

Gold engagement rings can become a symbol of love that will last you a lifetime if you know how to take care of it. This is why you have to be very careful in choosing the right kind of engagement ring that would make your fiance as happy as can be.

The considerations will help you decide which engagement rings to choose to make your fiance the happiest person on earth. Your engagement rings and diamond band should reflect the happiness that you feel during your proposal.